FIRST-TIME EVALUATION:  At a first visit, Dr Baker will review your full medical and family history. During this session, your reasons for seeking treatment will be discussed in depth.  Treatment options will be provided.  Then, Dr Baker and you will work together on a treatment plan, including medications and/or psychotherapy, that makes sense to you.  You should plan for an appointment to last up to 45 minutes to an hour.  Fee: $360

 ROUTINE MEDICATION MANAGEMENT FOLLOW-UP:   Working with Dr Baker often is an ongoing relationship.  He will use these follow-up visits to address the effectiveness of your medications. Your symptoms will be reviewed and any appropriate changes to your medication will be made.  The frequency of these appointments will depend upon the condition being treated, the medications prescribed and your progress.  You should plan for an appointment to last up to 15 minutes or so.   Fee: $120

MEDICATION MANAGEMENT WITH RE-EVALUATION:  If your progress is not as you hoped, or if medication side effects are impeding your improvement, Dr Baker may want to spend somewhat more time with you to decide a next course of action.  You should plan for an appointment to last up to half-an-hour or so.  Fee:  $240

OTHER FEES: You may also be charged at similar rates for other services that Dr Baker provides on your behalf, such as completing medication authorization forms.

ABOUT INSURANCE:  Please keep in mind that you will pay for Dr Baker’s services in full. If you wish to file with your insurance, Dr Baker would be considered “out-of-network.” If you decide to submit an insurance claim, Dr Baker is happy to provide you with any needed information.

DR BAKER USES SQUARE TO ACCEPT PAYMENTS: You may make a payment by choosing one of the links below. You may also pay by check or credit card at the time of your appointment.

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