John Baker – 9


Kate Ella Dean (she went by “Katie”) was born in 1876, one year after John, in Clarksville.  She was the next to the oldest of six children of Clay and Annette (Channell) Dean.  Except for the several years that she and John went to live in Huntsville, Alabama, she lived her entire life in Clarksville.

Clay started out as a farmer on property south of Clarksville, and it is interesting that he opened a blacksmith shop on his property in 1881.  But by the early 1890’s he was in the grocery store business on South First near Franklin Street, and stayed in that line of work until he died in 1915.  

The Deans rented the house above at 408 (or 418) South Second.

Before her marriage, Katie worked at the Gerhart Son’s dry good store as a sales lady.  The store sold clothing, shoes and hats.