John Baker – 6

If Emma was, indeed, six years old in the photograph above, then it was taken in 1888.  The younger John would have been 13 and Eugene 17.  Photographs of John H and Emma were taken at the same time.  Emma would have been 38 years old and John H would have been perhaps 58.

Sometime after these photographs and before 1891, John H died of injuries from a buggy accident.  Eugene and John were already out of the house by that time.  Emma lived with the other two children on the farm until 1897, when she remarried at Murfreesboro and then relocated to Lancaster, Indiana with her new husband, William Shideler, along with Emma and William.

The younger Emma married Jacob Krieg in 1903 when she was about 20 years old.  They lived in Lancaster, on a farm. She died in 1964.